Its May, the month of Emerald gemstones and the beautiful Lily of the Valley.
The 5th month of the year, per the Gregorian calendar and the time that the Northern Hemisphere is entering the sunshine & rainbows phase. May is when warmer temperatures, fresh rains and longer daylight hours meet to host the perfect atmosphere for seeds to sprout & flowers to bloom. You'll find the birds at play, bees busy at work gathering pollen and beautiful sights & fresh scents everywhere you turn. Making May the month that we celebrate new life, growth and the beauty of nature.
Along with the birds, bees & pollen, dust and dander also fill the air this time of year.
So don't be surprised if your sinuses give you a little grief, but don't fret, get outdoors more! Today's generations spend so much time indoors and out of nature, that the world's particles have become irritating to some. Solution, build your outside senses back up. Go for a hike or city folk, picnic in the park for lunch, stop and smell the flowers, pet a friendly dog and be involved with your surroundings, don't hide away indoors and then blame the world for your body not being able to tolerate the life in bloom around you. Local, high quality honey can help you as well. Local honey is compiled of the pollens found in your area and it is of great belief that by consuming local honey, your body can build allergy resistance to your blooming surroundings and give you less sinus pressure and issues. So thank the bees and enjoy more of the beauty that is spring in May.
May is also the time that spring cleaning leaves the house and takes to the garden 
& if you are one of the many with spring cleaning on the agenda, we have great gardening tips, how tos and refreshing ideas that will have the "Joneses" wanting to keep up with you. So lets go green, literally, its planting season! Some farmers say it is best to plant on the 1st full moon after the snowmelts and as I look upon the mountain top I see more land than ice and know the time is just about right to get my hands dirty, which this year will be on the flower moon on the 10th, May's full moon is nicknamed for all the flowers in bloom throughout the month.
Dirt is out, shovels are in hand and messes are meant to be made, because they will turn into beautiful things in the magic of the season.
May is gardening for wildlife month too, so please be mindful and use safer, eco-friendly methods this year while improving your yard and garden. Use non-harmful techniques, work with your landscape and remember the wise-one that once said "The difference between a flower and a weed, is a judgement". So keep in mind that perspectives play a large roll in the beauty that you enjoy within each day, and leave those dandelions alone! They are beautiful and great for nature, while the most common resources to "handle" these weeds also handle other parts of nature and our ecosystem in negative ways.
This year, be the safe haven for wildlife and enjoy the benefits of experiencing all of the wonder that passes us by this intriguing & beautiful time of year.
Its May, the month of all things Spring. A beautiful month full of sunshine, flowers, rainbows, babies and its the month that honors Mothers and celebrates much, much more.



Pixie's May Todos:

-The biggest little Spring Brunch

-Mother's Day
-Plants for Pets

-Planting for Wildlife

-Spring tips, ideas & prizes


Have fun, keep warm and Live in the Moments. Enjoy all of the Fun of the season with those that you Love & that you want to know are in your thoughts. It's May, the month of rainshowers, flowers & celebrating Mothers! & you know we have your best gift selections available to satisfy & put smiles on faces for Mother's day, birthdays & everyday celebrations as well as all of your Spring themed parties.

From all of Us to You and Yours, wishing the best of an amazing month to you !  Love,  Love, Love, Love, Love.






May the Month of/for/to:

May is the month of "Mystery"
International Business Image Improvement Month
Creative Beginnings Month
Family Reunion Month
Family Wellness Month
Clean Air Month
Gardening for Wildlife Month
Gifts from the Garden Month
Global Health and Fitness Month
Go Fetch! Food Drive for Homeless Animals Month
Healthy Vision Month
International Victorious Woman Month
Motorcycle Safety Month
National Barbeque Month
National Bike Month
National Egg Month
National Inventors Month
National Meditation Month
National Military Appreciation Month
National Photo Month
National Physical Fitness & Sports Month
National Preservation Month
National Salad Month
National Salsa Month
National Smile Month
National Water Safety Month
Older Americans Month
Personal History Month
React Month
Revise Your Work Schedule Month
Social Security Education Awareness Month
Spiritual Literacy Month

And more Monthly, Weekly & Daily Celebrations. Everyday is a Celebration!


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Do you watch the big game or do you round up pals or your dog to play your own big game?


When you play your own game, balance your own health and treat yourself as the temple of greatness you truly are, you become the star in your own life. No more looking up to, wanting to be more like, wishing you had this or that. You become the center point, the decision maker, the developer to the reality you desire. It is your life, it is in your hands. Build the life you want to be living.


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