A time that in a moment, a whole new year begins and anything is possible ♥

It's January!

The Month of Garnet Gemstones & Carnation Flowers.
The first month of year per the Gregorian calendar, January creates an atmosphere full of new, fresh starts, goals  & resolutions. A sort of checkpoint in time to reflect and project individual goals, wants & needs.
January is also one big excuse to celebrate!
And even those whom claim to have no resolutions, still cheers at midnight to be a part of the social toast & enjoy all the good luck kisses that strike at midnight too. The sense of open possibilities are in the air making it fun to image and plot the what can be.
So after your 2017 hang overs wear off and you ponder upon which goals to work toward 
& fulfill as your New Year resolutions, think big! Go big! & use the New Year as an excuse for goals that will amp up your life. Paint the kitchen this year, go skydiving, host that family & friend reunion you keep talking about, change your bad eating habits or whichever choice from the endless list of goals you may have.
However you spend, celebrate or honor your traditions is up to you.
But there is truely no time like the present to pursue your dreams through your actions & the New Year is a great tradition to remind us of just that.


Join us & use the season as an excuse for reasons to have fun & enjoy life.

Its not a secret, unless your not a member.
Join the 'Legs Of The Month Club' & receive a new pair of new leg-wear every month!
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Pixie's January Todos:

-Pixie Presents Birthday & Annual Celebration

-New Year New Faces Casting Contests
-New Year Give-Backs

-Season's Change Art Showcase
-Pixie's Year Of' -Print release party
-Random Give-a-ways prize chest blow-out

Live in the moments & enjoy all of the fun of the season with those that you love & that you want to know are in your thoughts.

As always, you know we have the best parties planned and the perfect gift selections available to satisfy & put smiles on faces for holidays, birthdays, special days & everyday celebrations as well as for all of your winter themed parties.


From all of Us to You and Yours, wishing the best of an amazing month to you ! Love, Love, Love, Love, Love.






Join the 'Legs Of The Month Club' & receive a new pair of leg-wear every month to boost up your wardrobe's heat this winter & all year long! Sign up for yourself or as a gift for who you would like to see in them!


[January special- Receive bonus accessory PLUS 10% of profits go to charitable actions & non-profits all month!]


& YES, plus size memberships are available.



We hear so many different theories as to what is really the best ways to take care of,

maintain & treat ourselves.


We here at Pixie Presents like to share the information we find helpful, inspirational and natural based.


We want community strong in foundation, where each individual understands and respects the power of their body, as well as the power of knowledge.


Your body really is your temple, each action you take ripples within your structure.


Do you eat natural and balanced, and tend to your physical side? Or do you eat per what is convenient and fast, and consider activity time video game or movie based?
Do you only watch the big game or do you round up pals or your dog to play your own big game?


When you play your own game, balance your own health and treat yourself as the temple of greatness you truly are, you become the center point, the decision maker, the developer to the reality you desire. It is your life, it is in your hands, so build the life you want to be living & stay mindful that your energy matters. What you put out in your time, through your actions is not only your foot print here, but also your reality's building blocks. What does it look like? Are you a positive or negative energy outlet?

We want to encourage everyone to be apart of contributing to the good that is in the world through their own actions.


 "The only valid change I can see us making, comes within."

Tips, Ideas & Inspiration for healthy ways to balance & enjoy this sweet season

Food for Your Mood



 Food For Your Mood Is 

All Season Treats, That Everybody will Love

Holiday, Celebration & Festive Themed Favorites

Tasty ideas & recipes

Do it all at home, do it organic

Easy flow cooking & suggestions,

 try one or try them all!

There is more to this Liquid Gold then just good Taste.



America, Oh Beautiful

Paying respect to our history


paying attention to our Future


Latest Features;

  • Women's Rights, History and Push for International Freedom.


  • What about the Bats?


  • The American History Review

We have a lot packed into the Month,

Including New Random Give-away Prizes, Season's On Display Fashion Showcases, HotSpots & Lots More!


At Pixie Presents Every Month is a Holiday.





Pixie Presents wants to make access to resources and information easy to obtain. We share what lifestyle tips, health, research, stories and experiences we find that supports, inspires and helps to maintain a naturally healthy, interactive, growing lifestyle and community.
If you have stories, experiences or information you would like to share please email us at



Pixie Presents is not a licensed health practitioner or "authorized" otherwise, Healthy lifestyles and experiences contribute to the information featured.
For your viewing and discussing pleasure, enjoy.



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