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Fresh Baked Pies, Spiced Chia Teas, Fire-Pits and Time with Family & Friends.

Its November, the month to give thanks & prepare for all of your gift giving, card mailing, season greeting celebrations.

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Check Out the Perfect Selections for the Season

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Celebrations for Birthday signs Scorpio & Sagittarius All Month Long!


National Princess Day aka Treat Her Like a Princess Day [18th]


International Men's Day [19th]


Thanksgiving Day [23rd]


Black Friday Holiday & New Year Collections, Series & Selection Showcase [24th]


Cyber Monday, Cider Monday Shop & Sip From Home Online [27th]


Giving-Day aka 'Just because I thought of you day' [28th]

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"Legs of the Month Club"







& Remember,

Always drink after Cheers!

November Birthdays:
[Oct. 23rd - Nov. 21st]


[Nov. 21st- Dec. 21st]


Pixie Presents


Necklaces, Bracelets, Accessories, Apparel & Appeal

Selections suited to satisfy

everyone’s tastes

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Pixie Presents makes it to easy for you to make it great on any occasion,

or even just for spoiling yourself with

 a stunning new piece of jewelry.



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Pixie Presents makes the possibilities endless!


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Get Lucky Year Round!

Always have luck on your side with 

Masilea Mutica, Luck set in Amber and highlighted with Crystals & Gems.

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"Its not a Secret, Unless your not a Member"

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