The Season of Spice!

Now Celebrating: Autumn

9.23 - 12.21


International Legwear Day:  9.22


Legs of the Month Club's Show Stopping Legs Search and Contest: 9.22


Autumn: 9.23


Bright Pink Lipstick Day: 9.25


Love Note Day: 9.25


Plant a tree for Johnny Appleseed Day 9.26


Full moon: 9.29


Pixie Presents Special Announcements: 9.30



National Lace Day: 10.1


Day to Get Funky: 10.5


Mad Hatter Day: 10.6


The Par Tee $10,000 Challenge: 10.14


Celebration of the Mind: 10.21


Day of the Arts: 10.25 


Global Champagne Day: 10.27


Full Moon: 10.28


Mischief Night: 10.30


Halloween: 10.31


Adopt a Turkey Month!


Dia De Los Muertos: 11.1


All Souls Day: 11.2


National Chicken Lady Day: 11.4


National Nachos Day: 11.6


Thanksgiving: 11.23


Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day: 11.24


 'Holiday Shopping’ Days of Deals Begins 11.24


Full Moon: 11.27


Warm-up with a Work-out!


National Dice Day: 12.4


Human Rights: 12.10


International Animal Rights Day: 12.10


Yoga Day: 12.14


Winter Solstice: 12.21


Christmas: 12.25


Full Moon: 12.26


World Healing Day: 12.31


New Year’s Eve: 12.31


On the Menu:



Libra- 9.23-10.22


Scorpio- 10.23-11.21


Sagittarius- 11.22-12.21


October- Marigolds & Cosmos


November- Chrysanthemum


December- Holly & Narcissus


October- Opal


November- Topaz & Citrine


December- Tanzanite, Turquoise, & Zircon

Legs of the Month Club

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