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Now Celebrating: Summer

6.20 - 9.22


National Punk Day: 6.4


National Best Friends Day: 6.8


Be the Miracle Day: 6.10


National Making Life Beautiful Day: 6.11


Father's Day: 6.16


Summer Solstice: 6.20


Midsummer: 6.21

Strawberry Moon: 6.21

World Music Day: 6.21


Pink Flamingo Party: 6.23


International Fairy / Faerie Day: 6.24


Happy Birthday to YOU: 6.27


International Body Piercing Day: 6.28


Resolution Renewal Day: 7.1


Compliment Your Mirror Day: 7.3


Fourth of July Celebration and Memorial (We Remember.): 7.4


Night of Nights: 7.12


Be Your Own Hero Day: 7.13


National Give Something Away Day (Enter 2 WIN): 7.15


Full Moon: 7.21


Aunties Day: 7.28


Friendship Day: 7.30


World Wide Web Day: 8.1


National Doll Day (Lets Play Dress Up) 8.4


National Night Out: 8.6


Best Friends Day: 8.15


Full Moon:8.19


National Radio Day: 8.20


Internet Self-Care Day: 8.21


Be an Angel Day: 8.22


Just Because Day: 8.27


National Thoughtful Day: 8.28


Random Acts of Kindness Day: 9.1


Friday the 13th (Meet me on the 13th floor): 9.13


Fall Astronomy Day: 9.14


National Tattoo Story Day (Whats your story): 9.16


National Clean-Up Day: 9.21

National Dance Day:9.21


Autumn Equinox: 9.22

National Leg Wear Day: 9.22


Open the Magic: 9.25 Not Day: 9.26

Johnny Appleseed Day: 9.26


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Gemini- 5.21-6.20


Cancer- 6.21-7.22


Leo- 7.23-8.22


Virgo- 8.23-9.22




Sunflower / Larkspur




Aster / Morning Glory


Pearls and Moonstone







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